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Credit: Xavier Voirol

Cod.Act (CH)

Nyloïd is an impressive sound sculpture, a huge tripod consisting of three six-meter-long nylon limbs animated by sophisticated mechanical and sound devices. Sensual, animal and threatening, this mobile draws its dramatic power from the reactivity of its plastic and sound material to diverse mechanical constraints. Similar to a living object, its tension, effort and suffering, which result from its contortions and its vocal manifestation, can be sensed.

This work constitutes a new stage in the artists’ researches. They carried out new investigations, each within their own domain, on plastic and sound organicity in order to combine them into this fascinating object: a return to life operated by means of mechanics and sound processing. The approach is a long-term analysis culminating in an advanced and complex minimalism.

Nyloïd is a rudimentary structure. Often extreme, its movements are at the junction between mechanical perfection and raw material. Its impressive sounds, which seem to emanate from the material itself, are the result of an extremely sophisticated vocal research. The combination of raw material, mechanical and sound perfection results in a kind of hypnotic and dramaturgic choreography from which, in a paradoxical way, perfectly random kinetics arise.


Cod.Act is André and Michel Décosterd