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Austria 360° KHM interactive

Österreich Werbung (AT)

Österreich Werbung has used HTC Vive technology to develop an interactive virtual-reality tour of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum. This project is one of Europe’s first virtual-reality documentaries with user-determined storytelling, and superbly demonstrates the possibilities of interactive video documentary in virtual reality.

The interactive elements enable visitors to use eye control to navigate through the museum and access additional information about the works of art they are looking at. High-resolution 360-degree video sequences are combined with a 3D audio narration, which provides an immersive experience in text and image as well as with spatially variable sound. Users can select from among three narrative strands. They can thus determine the storyline themselves as they move about among the works of art. A complete round trip through all the museum’s galleries and collections of antiquities as well as an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the conservators’ workshop—Österreich Werbung’s VR production delivers total immersion in the collection of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum.