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Whose scalpel

“Whose scalpel” is a sound performance combined with a visual and 3D-printed installation, realized with an application framework for medical-image processing. Mixing several methods from art and science, it is an imagination of the future and presents the issues in the relationship between human and machine in heart surgery.


The project MIRROR OF MINDS is a video installation with hidden content that can be accessed by interaction with the viewer.

Austria 360° KHM interactive

Österreich Werbung has used HTC Vive technology to develop an interactive virtual-reality tour of Vienna’s Kunsthistorisches Museum. This project is one of Europe’s first virtual-reality documentaries with user-determined storytelling, and superbly demonstrates the possibilities of interactive video documentary in virtual reality.

Festival Documentary – Live!

Here, you can be the director, operate the camera, or simply hang around and see how a documentary takes shape. Questions are welcome!

All of Us

All of Us explores the aesthetics of scars to highlight their visual aspects and exhibit something that is usually not on display. Apart from the visible wound, scars are also constant reminders of injuries and events.

NOIZE Etudes

NOIZE Etudes is a live multimedia performance focusing on micro-sounds caused by binary operations in multiple layers of music coding.