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A Flurrytale

FRI Sept. 8, 2017, 7:30 PM-8:30 PM, Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space 8K

Credit: Paul Vincent

Winner of the “Best Dance Piece” at the Taipei Fringe Festival 2016

Narrator’s Lowdown (AT)

Four artists, three countries, two art fields, one topic. Reality vs. fantasy—these opposites have always been dividing people. But does one’s personal reality correspond to the mass understanding of it? What in fact influences the individual or mass definition of reality and imagination?

Four young artists bring together their observations from their past and present surroundings, and as permanent “victims” of the media they further translate these conclusions on stage through movement and image. The constant visual storm and the rapid tempo of our time are also taken as impulses for the movement language and visual outlook of the piece. From still and rigid to fluent and wild, the imagery of reality and fantasy moves through the piece like a hologram that is fluid in time and space. During the performance the artists explore what happens if these opposites, reality and fantasy, are pushed into each others like two holograms, becoming together as one.


Concept: Narrator’s Lowdown (Elias Buttinger, Weng Teng Choi, Anni Taskula, Paul Vincenth Schütz)
Performers: Elias Buttinger, Yejin Han, Anni Taskula
Choreography: Elias Buttinger, Weng Teng Choi, Anni Taskula
Visuals: Paul Vincenth Schütz

Special thanks to: The Wolf

Supported by: RedSapata TanzFabrik, Bulareyaung Dance Company, Linz Verändert