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Silences (Active Images)

Lohner Carlson have been pursuing the notion of the Active Image since the late 1980s when their initial collaboration with John Cage inspired them to expand the found object and the notion of silence into the medium of film. As a result, Active Images investigate the nature of photography and the moving image.

Digital Musics & Sound Art – Somatic Echo

Somatic Echo is a sound installation that turns the human body into an acoustic medium. With transducer loudspeakers and sensors fixed to the head, an eight-channel composition is transmitted directly into the body.

Point of View

In contrast to the rest of the u19 – CREATE YOUR WORLD festival, where lots of things can be tried out in open labs or learned in one-on-one conversations, there is stuff here that can be discovered only by careful examination and doesn’t come to light until you’re prepared to change your point of view.

A Flurrytale

Four artists, three countries, two art fields, one topic. Reality vs. fantasy—these opposites have always been dividing people. But does one’s personal reality correspond to the mass understanding of it? What in fact influences the individual or mass definition of reality and imagination?