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Optic-sound electronic object

::vtol:: (RU)

The center elements of the work are a red glass crystal and a flexible Fresnel lens. The project includes many reworked electronic devices – a CD-ROM, an old scanner, reused electric motors. Multiple moving elements provide a wide variability for rather primitive optical elements. It is accomplished by constant change of focal length between the light source, crystal and lens, as well as by changing the crystal’s tilt angle and mechanical distortion of the lens.

The object works autonomously, by algorithm, with many accidental events tied to feedback, with sensors defining the position of various mechanical elements in relation to the range of their movement. The sound part has up to four voices which depend on the activity of various elements. The sound is also in direct interaction with the actual position of those elements, and basically is voicing the process of movement, brightness of light, and intensity of the piece.