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Hybrid Art – Luminiferous Drift

Credit: Evelina Domnitch, Dmitry Gelfand

Evelina Domnitch (BY), Dmitry Gelfand (US)

The live installation Luminiferous Drift simulates the view from outer space of a hypothetical planet and ist weather phenomena. The experimental arrangement uses macroscopic protocells* to physically simulate the movements of phytoplankton in a biosphere.

The occurrence of phytoplankton was a crucial phase in the development of cellular life on earth. Through photosynthesis this “eco-synthesizer” not only transforms carbon dioxide into organic matter – the basis of our food – but also additionally produces more than half the oxygen in the atmosphere of the earth. During the night its remaining energy is radiated as bioluminescence – a phenomenon that is still puzzling today.

In the setting of Luminiferous Drift double emulsion photocells are released into a rotating bath of water. The energy generated by the movement is released in a chemical reaction and given off in the form of light.

* The first living cells capable of self-multiplication.

in association with Jean-Marc Chomaz