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Developed as a first collaboration, this media installation has its central focus on the geologic concept of Permafrost, a ground layer of frozen sediment, rock and soil that covers much of the northern hemisphere.


With the selected works, we aim to converge the issues in feminism with environmentalism. By framing the exhibition in this way, it is our hope to reinvigorate the eco-feminism that emerged in the 70s and was ignored for much too long. In this particular context, at the Ars Electronica festival in Linz, we address the local and transnational issues of feminism in media arts and the global issue of climate change.


Long ago in history was the belief that the four elements–fire, wind, water, and earth–could combine together as one to birth a never before known substance. Today, this is an unrealistic fantasy, however, by incorporating the latest in technology, the designer imagined the future of clothing in this collection.

Symposiumsreihe Perspektiven Politischer Bildung

„Ich mach’ mir die Welt, widiwidiwie sie mir gefällt …“ sang Pippi Langstrumpf in der legendären TV-Kinderserie der 60er- und 70er-Jahre des vorigen Jahrhunderts. Wie geht es Kindern, Jugendlichen, aber auch Erwachsenen heute, die in einer globalisierten und digitalisierten Welt aufwach(s)en?

Hybrid Art – Luminiferous Drift

The live installation Luminiferous Drift simulates the view from outer space of a hypothetical planet and ist weather phenomena. The experimental arrangement uses macroscopic protocells to physically simulate the movements of phytoplankton in a biosphere.