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Credit: Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson-Kunert (AU)

Almost there. was constructed using sonically controlled vibrators and some very trusting contributors. Over the last two years, these contributors recorded their voices while masturbating with the vibrators. The artist composed the audio they used specifically for this project.

Ten participants were included in the project, with a mix of genders and a variety of sexual identities. The vibrators pulse in time with the sounds sent to them. The participants made noises in response to, and in time with, the sounds they heard. These ten recordings were then synchronized with the original composition and mixed back into it.

Almost there. not only explores the notion of the erotic, but appears to create something uniquely erotic in itself, continuing the artist’s exploration of complex emotions. The physical form of the release was constructed to reference the ephemeral nature of sexual experiences, likening it to the process of buying oneself flowers. An empowering gesture, but ultimately fleeting.


This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.