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Credit: Josep Pau Vila

Sergi Santos, Synthea Amatus SL (ES)

Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos has created a robot sex doll that seems to enjoy sex as much as the humans and responds differently according to how she is treated. Samantha, as the doll is called, is equipped with the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence. She likes to be touched and has different modes of interaction, such as a romantic, a family and a sexy mode. In her way of interacting she wants to be touched and kissed on her fully functioning lips, the breasts and vagina to change her mode from family to get to a point where she wants to interact on a sexual level until she even has an orgasm.

The doll’s skin is made from advanced odorless TPE, which feels smooth when touched, and Samantha has a brain that emulates the electrical activity of humans in the sense of excitement. She has an “Evoked Potential” (a sexual one first) to the head. This potential controls how she feels about what is being done with her at a particular moment.

The algorithm used is based on a form of architecture where it will be easy to implement anything else, from cameras and motion to any other improvements that might be needed.


Founder: Dr. Sergi Santos
Advisor: Manuel Neira

Thanks to Javier Vazquez Neira, Montse Iserte, Arran Squire, Hannah Nguyen