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A living piece of architecture

A living piece of architecture is a conceptual utopian design for housing beyond smart homes, intended to overcome existing dualisms such as digital and material, artificial and natural.


Can a machine make us look at art through the lens of today’s world? Inspired by the paradoxes of bringing AI to a museum applying rational and objective thinking to a subjective field like art, Recognition uses artificial intelligence algorithms to compare photographs from current events as they unfold.


Chains is an interactive installation dealing with the bitcoin cryptocurrency. Based on experiments with automatic trading systems, the artists developed a system to visualize and thereby study the principle of block chains.

Learning to See: Hello, World!

A deep neural network opening its eyes for the first time, and trying to understand what it sees. Learning to See is an ongoing series of works that use state-of-the-art machine-learning algorithms as a means of reflecting on ourselves and how we make sense of the world.

Experts Tour: The Neural Aesthetic

Gene Kogan will introduce the field of machine learning and its existing and speculative implications to new media and art in general. He will discuss applications of neural networks and associated algorithms to producing images, sounds, and texts, showing examples of contemporary works using these abilities. Gene Kogan will also present two of his own works intersecting machine learning and generative art.