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Avatar as Prosthesis

Credit: Jessica Woods

Gretta Louw (AU)

The project Avatar as Prosthesis was created by the artist Gretta Louw and included a collaboration between Karin Guminski and the LMU Art and Multimedia students Aida Bakhtiari (IR), Leonie Brill (DE), Laurenz Dallinger (DE), Laura Haase (DE), Jelena Majstorovic (RS), Elisabeth Mayer (ZA), Alex Minner (DE), Melissa Dietzel (DE), Nadine Kupitza (DE), Kris Weinand (DE), Jessica Woods (DE), the artists of the Pfennigparade, an organization supporting disabled artists, and the Cultural Office of the state capital of Munich.

Students and artists were invited to discuss the topic of avatars and to create their own representations, whether in 3D space or on paper.