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Silences (Active Images)

Credit: Henning Lohner 2017

Lohner Carlson (DE/US)

Lohner Carlson have been pursuing the notion of the Active Image since the late 1980s when their initial collaboration with John Cage inspired them to expand the found object and the notion of silence into the medium of film. As a result, Active Images investigate the nature of photography and the moving image.

The viewer’s “real” time perception collides with filmed “realtime” in an experimental combustion of long-term visual loops with seemingly coincidental and minimalist changes, thereby allowing the temporal and spacial dimension to transform into hypnotic, rhythmic, visual-music structures.

In order to adequately present their digital media work, Lohner Carlson, together with Videri, have developed a hardware-software-content-exhibition platform named Active Image technology, which, for the first time, allows complete digital uniqueness and originality, accountability, transactability, and security of the media artwork.

Aesthetically, images shown on the Active Image digital canvas rival the saturation and tranquility of analog picture or painting quality. In the near future this new presentation form will be available for all media artists. At Ars Electronica 2017 this technology will be shown for the first time, featuring artworks by Lohner Carlson and Arotin & Serghei.


Lohner Carlson sind Henning Lohner (DE / US), Van Carlson (US) and Max Carlson (US)