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Can a machine make us look at art through the lens of today’s world? Inspired by the paradoxes of bringing AI to a museum applying rational and objective thinking to a subjective field like art, Recognition uses artificial intelligence algorithms to compare photographs from current events as they unfold.

I + I = #Who?

Reality, fiction, wishful thinking?! Who am I; who can I be? We take selfies to place ourselves in the middle of the picture. How can I feature myself? How would I like to?

Latent Space

Based on AI models currently used, among other things, in content moderation and surveillance, the artworks explore the “latent space” of the AI as it processes and imagines the world for itself, dreaming in the areas between and beyond what it has learnt from us.

Silences (Active Images)

Lohner Carlson have been pursuing the notion of the Active Image since the late 1980s when their initial collaboration with John Cage inspired them to expand the found object and the notion of silence into the medium of film. As a result, Active Images investigate the nature of photography and the moving image.