Ars Electronica 1986
Festival-Catalog 1986 (Part 01)
Festival-Program 1986
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Ten Indications of an Emerging Computer Culture 'Hannes Leopoldseder Hannes Leopoldseder
Program Schedule
Art from the Screen 'Herbert W. Franke Herbert W. Franke
Goblin´s Chants 'Klaus vom Bruch Klaus vom Bruch
The Duality of nature 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel  /  'Valie Export Valie Export
Les petites Histories de Mamy Computer 'Hervé Huitric Hervé Huitric  /  'Monique Nahas Monique Nahas
New Age – New Images – Commissioned Works
The challenge of the turning point 'Fritjof Capra Fritjof Capra
Drake´s Equation – "Fc" 'Max Almy Max Almy
Kawaguchi Yoichiro 'Yoichiro Kawaguchi Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Still Life 'Bernd Kracke Bernd Kracke
Eleven – understanding is like heat 'Ulrike Rosenbach Ulrike Rosenbach
Dance Ex Machina 'John Sanborn John Sanborn  /  'Mary Perillo Mary Perillo
Studies 'Woody Vasulka Woody Vasulka
4KTAPE 'Jane Veeder Jane Veeder
Gesänge des Pluriversums (Chants of the pluriverse) 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel
Beware: Space Control 'Inge Graf Inge Graf  /  ' ZYX ZYX
The visual artist turns to computer programming 'Hervé Huitric Hervé Huitric  /  'Monique Nahas Monique Nahas
Propositions on the dark age of televisions 'Bazon Brock Bazon Brock
The new renaissance: Art, Science and the Universal Machine 'Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood
From the image to digital culture 'Edmond Couchot Edmond Couchot
Calculated Movements 'Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood  /  'Larry Cuba Larry Cuba
DIE OSZILLIERENDE WELT (The oscillating world) 'Adelhard Roidinger Adelhard Roidinger
Video Visionary from Optic Music, January, 1986 'Hal Strickland Hal Strickland
Pictorial Space in Electronic Art 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel
Organic surface generation with the morphogenesis model 'Yoichiro Kawaguchi Yoichiro Kawaguchi
Computer Graphics Art in Japan 'Itsuo Sakane Itsuo Sakane
A New Generation of Visual Communications 'Randy Roberts Randy Roberts
The Contemporary Art Television Fund 'Kathy Rae Huffman Kathy Rae Huffman
Videodisc – Application in Art, Science and Daily Life 'Peter Crown Peter Crown
Video Tides
Queen Zero 'Bernd Kracke Bernd Kracke
Electronic Greetings ' Bechtold Bechtold  /  'Richard Kriesche Richard Kriesche
VIRTUAL SPACE – The Electronic Environments of Mobile Image 'Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood
Utopia? Consequences … Passages! Intermediate Times! 'Gislind Nabakowski Gislind Nabakowski
The gifted Viewer 'Wolfgang Lorenz Wolfgang Lorenz
ORF - Videonale 1986 'Grita Insam Grita Insam
Program schedule
Perfect Lives - an opera for television by Robert Ashley 'Kim Machon Kim Machon
Video Art-Pieces
Nam June Paik – An Idea Asserts Itself 'Horst G. Haberl Horst G. Haberl
Video Art: Expanded Forms 'John G. Hanhardt John G. Hanhardt
Video Vernissage: New Times – New Pictures
Video-Mania: Pictures non-stop
I´m Not Looking for Works, I´m Looking for Artists 'Kim Machon Kim Machon  /  'Chris Dercon Chris Dercon
History of the WGBH New Television Workshop 'Susan Dowling Susan Dowling
State of the Art: The Failure of Video Art Manifesto 'Jaime Davidovich Jaime Davidovich
The Future of Information Systems – Lessons from the Eighties