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Ars Electronica is offering free subscriptions to podcasts of the proceedings of this year's symposium conferences.

What are podcasts?

Podcasts allow users to subscribe RSS Feeds of files containing audio or other media content. A podcasting client running in the background of your portable device periodically checks for updates and, if new content is available, downloads it automatically to your device (ideally, directly to your MP3 player). more

How do I subscribe to podcasts?

To automatically receive these content updates, you need a podcasting client. Once the software is installed, all you have to do is copy the URL below into the program.


If you're using an RSS feed reader, you'll indeed be regularly updated about the availability of new content but you'll still have utilize the link sent along with the update to manually download the MP3 file to your MP3 player. A podcatcher performs this task automatically.

What if I don't have either a podcatcher or an RSS feed reader?

Even if you don't have any of the software necessary to subscribe to podcasts, you can still download the individual transmissions of the proceedings of this year's symposium conferences directly from the website as MP3 files.


Design for Digital Communities

Design for Digital Communities   download

Axel Thalemmer    download

W. Bradford Paley   download

Iwai Toshio   download

Digital Archives Conference

Dieter Daniels    download

Alain Dépocas    download

Gerhard Dirmoser    download

Monika Fleischmann    download

Rudolf Frieling    download

Oliver Grau    download

Paul Leitner    download

Matt Locke    download

electrolobby Kitchen

electrolobby roundabout I   download


Presentation & Performance "cntrcpy™"    download

electrolobby roundabout II   download


Lecture "Perspectives for Creative Archive Licences in Austria and elsewhere"   download


Presentation "EUREKA – A solution for small-scale digital radio"   download

electrolobby rounabout III   download - Just available in german!

Forum I

Theo Jansen   download

Esther Polak, Ieva Auzina and RIXC   download

Mateusz Herczka   download

Forum II

Ulf Langheinrich   download

Maryanne Amacher    download

John Oswald   download

Forum III

Tomek Baginski    download

Rick Sayre   download

Forum IV

Karel Dudesek   download

Casey Reas   download

ubermorgen   download

Forum V

Akshaya   download

Table Talk   download

Hybrid IV

Marko Ahtisaari: Seven Challenges for Hybrid Ecologists   download

Carmin Karasic   download

Frédéric Voisin/ Robin Meier   download

Marco Susani: The Hybrid Space of Networked Tribes   download

Usman Haque: Surrounding Architecture   download

Hybrid Symposium I

Derrick de Kerckhove: Hybrid: Elements of a Re-mix Culture   download

Roger Clarke: Human-Artefact Hybridisation   download

Wen-Jean Hsueh   download

Neil Gershenfeld   download

David Weinberger: When Things Aren't What They Are   download

Hybrid Symposium II

Vincenzo Susca: From Hybridisation to Transfiguration towards Communicracy   download

Aminata Traoré   download

Donatella Della Ratta: Why the West does not understand Al Jazeera   download

Farian Sabahi    download

Carlo Formenti: Class Composition, Web Technology and Post-Democracy   download

Hybrid Symposium III

Melanie Puff: Acting in the Interstices   download

Ollivier Dyens: Hybrid Reality   download

Carolyn Guertin: Queer Hybrids   download

Jens Hauser: Bio Art-Taxonomy of an Etymological Monster   download

Massimo Canevacci: Hybridentities   download

Lecture of the curators of the Animation Festival

Lecture of the curators of the Animation Festival   download

McLuhan still dead? 25 years later

McLuhan still dead? 25 years later   download

Theo Jansen – Artist Lecture

Keine Dateien vorhanden.

Ulf Langheinrich – Artist Lecture

Keine Dateien vorhanden.

World Culture Forum

World Culture Forum   download


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