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07.09. - 06.09.21:00 - 00:00

Aktienkeller Linz (Eingang Kapuzinerstraße)


Performance for Unreal Characters, Fog, Stroboscopes & Pulse Lights, 2005-07
FEED combines what seems to be two very different qualities in a single performance. The “cinematic” beginning features the choreographed movements of human-like 3D figures trapped in a weightless state.

In the second part, the installation visitors themselves are immersed into a thick fog and a bath of stroboscopic light in which they are deprived of spatial orientation and familiar perceptions. Now, like the 3D figures they just watched, they find themselves in a state of “weightlessness” too.

ATTENTION: This performance is unsuitable for people who suffer from epilepsy or claustrophobia.
We recommend that you bring along warm clothing since FEED will be held in a cave-like gallery.
Free shuttle service between Brucknerhaus and Aktienkeller:
Departing Brucknerhaus for Aktienkeller: 8:40 PM, 10:40 PM
Departing Aktienkeller for Hauptplatz: 10 PM, midnight
Admission to the performance of FEED is not included in the price of a Festival Pass or Daily Pass.
Holders of a Festival Pass or Daily Pass are entitled to purchase an admission ticket to the performance of FEED at the discount price of € 19,00 (regular entrance fee: € 27,00).
Tickets for FEED are available only at the Ticket Counter located at Pfarrplatz 6.

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