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06.09. - 06.09.19:30 - 00:00

Botanischer Garten, Aktienkeller

more than memories

Ars Electronica 2007 Opening Event

The Festival’s grand opening evening event will take place at Linz’s Botanical Garden and in the so-called Aktienkeller, a cave-like gallery beneath the garden—two places that served during the Nazi era as subsidiary camps of the nearby Mauthausen concentration camp. Creative artists from around the world will utilize artistic means that bring forth highly individual worlds of thought, image and sound to raise issues having to do with memories, the part they play in visions and utopias, as well as the fundamental right of artistic freedom.

7:30 PM Admission to the Linz Botanical Garden

from 7:30 PM The Literature Garden invites you for a walk

8:30 PM "For Birds, Faking Noise Pollution", Sound-Performance by Pei-Wen Liu (TW)/

*note in sentance ,
We are minding to share uplifts to other creatures. And human, we never stop seeking any forms of freer existences, and attached to the changes of sound environment.

*in paragraphy,
The inner structure of urban environment generated air pollution, noise pollution, and water system etc.. Metropolitans, we are minding to share these uplifts to other creatures. When those systems affected to day-to-day patterns; for instance, birds are picking junks/trivialities from the ground more often, and nature changed its faces. Birds spend less time to sign on the tip of tree, then there are less abstract patterns of tonal quality exchanged within deep structure, as cultural artifacts, and human, we never stop seeking any forms of freer existences, and attached to the changes of sound environment.

9:00 PM Group stroll to the area in front of the Aktienkeller 

9:30 PM 9.5MM [av/rt/p], Real-time audiovisual Performance by RyBN (FR) -

The France in the Fifties, the after war unconcern … Some anecdotic memories, printed on 9.5 mm film, as the archives of the post-industrialization era and of the transition to our contemporary society of consumption. These movies build our collective memory. Within

the 95MM project framework, they are digitalized, transformed into numerical files, and their binary code are corrupted, in order to generate "bugs". The files content is transfigured through this alteration, refashioning the aesthetic, creating new meanings. The "95MM" project underlines the fragility of our different "memories" : the erosion of the human memory, the deterioration of the film support, the distortion of the digital informations.

10:15 PM Memory Tunes. an audio-visual improvisation by Ran Slavin (IL)

An exploration into live audio visual improvisation. Digital formations of non linear story telling and generative sound.

Memories are infinite, countless and random. they come to our minds associatively and triggered by fragments of reality. memories follow a path from a 'photographic' recognition of the 'real' to the disassembly and presentation of it based on certain coordinates.

In the same way, digitally, the audio-visual improvisation "memory tunes" is hovering around this path. interconnected with sound, videos triggers one another, blending into each other associatively, in a simulation of a memory stream.

Memory tunes is the name for the sound tunes which these videos trigger spontaneously, but also the re-tuning of and reprocessing of those 'video' memories.

11:00 PM DJing by GOMMAGANG feat. Manuel Kim (DE)

The Gomma-Label is renowned worldwide for a sound that effortlessly crosses and redefines the borders between Indierock und Electronica, SpaceDisco and GaragenTechno, Folk and New Wave. Its steady fresh nonconformist musical output never follows any trends, but has developed in an own musical language which influenced a lot of bands and other labels.

Representing the Gommagang for the ars electronica: MANUEL KIM, working in the music and artist management for Gomma and also as DJ and Mixer (Gommagang label compilations a.o.)

and VJing by Tanja Tomic (AT) and Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner (AT)

Wolfgang Schwarzenbrunner and Tanja Tomic are working, partly solo, partly together, on the developement of concepts in the area of visualization. their work is not just about the visualization of electronic live acts but furthermore the generell visual representation of various types of signals, depending on the project.

Motionblur is classically generated by repeating an animated object on its own time- and motionpath while its transparency is exponentially increased for each repeated instance. Schwarzenbrunner and Tomic see a similar principle in the recall process of memories. Depending on their origin, memories stay the same, change in details and fade away over time. Memories are not blurred - they are motionblurred

Midnight Conclusion of the event

FEED by Kurt Hentschläger (AT) will be performed at 8 PM and 11 PM in the underground galleries
Kurt Hentschläger has also created the sounds that audience members will hear while walking through the network of passageways. Ligthing design of the underground galleries: Peter Thalhamer (AT)

Admission is free of charge (except for the performance of FEED)
We recommend that you bring along warm, waterproof clothing since "more than memories" will be held outdoors and in a cave-like gallery.
Please note that there’s no parking available at the Botanical Garden. Please use the free shuttle  service between the Hauptplatz (Main Square, Festival Infopoint) and the Botanical Garden. Shuttle from the Hauptplatz to the Botanical Garden departs between 19:30 and 20:10 (every 10 minutes). Shuttle from the Aktienkeller to the Hauptplatz departs between 0:00 and 0:40 (every 10 minutes)
Route: Hauptplatz - Kapuzinerstraße - Botanical Garden:
7:30 PM, 7:40 PM, 7:50 PM, 8 PM, 8:10 PM, 8:20 PM
Route: Kapuzinerstraße - Hauptplatz:
Midnight, 0:10 AM, 0:20 AM, 0:30 AM, 0:40 AM

This evening is curated by Manuela Pfaffenberger.
This event takes place in collaboration with Stadtgärten Linz/Abt. Botanischer Garten und Naturkundliche Station, Finanzkammer der Diözese Linz, ELAG Immoblien AG und ELAG Liegenschaftsentwicklungs GmbH, AREV Immoblien GmbH, Aktivbau GesmbH, ORF and the French Cultural Institute in Vienna.
Special thanks to Klaus Selgrad – Berufsfeuerwehr Linz, Markus Haase – Samariterbund Linz, Mag. Gregor Wöss – Leitung Hafen Linz, Gottfired Buchinger – Österreichische Donaulager GmbH and Gottfried Kaisermayr – Nüssli (Austria) GmbH

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