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fair music

Start of the fair music initiative of mica –music austria and presentation of the winners of the fair music award

Music fans have a right to listen to the exact music they want to. Creative artists have a right to receive recognition and compensation for their work and ideas. Listeners assume the money they spend for music will benefit the artists of their choice. But can they really be assured that the artists receive their fair share of the proceeds, and that the artists are allowed to make their music in a free and creative atmosphere and under fair conditions?

There is still no worldwide copyright system which protects recording artists from unfair contracts. Questions remain unanswered regarding the unjust division of proceeds from world music between the north and south. Some artists continue to create music with enthusiasm, but receive only a pittance of the money which the music industry profits from in their name.

The fair music initiative


fair music is the first global initiative for fairness and justice in the music business. fair music calls for strengthening the position of both artists and music fans towards maintaining cultural diversity during the current processes of modernisation. fair music supports the principle of justice in the music trade, including fairness and justice in the production of music and hopes to bring these efforts into the international political arena. fair music was initiated by mica – music austria ( A growing number of international organizations and NGOs from music and culture are joining the Global Alliance for Fairness in the Music Business. In a stakeholder consensus building process recognized standards of fairness are being developed in order to certify musical products as well as distribution channels. More about the topic and the initiative at:

fair music talks and the fair music award 

The fair music event offers talks on topics around value chains especially in digital music distribution, injustice of shared revenues between the global north and south, recent developments around Technical Protection Measures (TPMs) and the loss of privacy as well as new models for more fairness in the music business of the future. For the first time the winners of the fair music award for achievements for fairness in the music business will be presented.


The event is realized by mica – music austria and the World Culture Forum (WCFA) in cooperation with Ars Electronica and with support from the European Commission, Program Education and Culture.



With: Volker Grassmuck, Andreas Hirsch, Joichi Ito, Dieter Kaufmannn, Ronaldo Lemos, Peter Rantasa, Ruth Jacobi, Danny O'Brien


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08.09.  19:00 - 21:00