Second City

06.09. - 05.09.10:00 - 22:00

Marienstraße 4

Second City Shop

A series of workshops in Second City provides festivalgoers with the opportunity to explore the path into and out of the virtual world. In a variety of different forms, objects can beimported into and, above all, exported out of Second Life. The output of these workshops will be offered for sale in both virtual and physical form in the Second City Shop.

The Handmade project offers a workshop that lets festivalgoers create handmadegarments for the Second Life virtual world. 

Create and Trade
In this workshop, participants learn to create all kinds of 3D objects in SecondLife, to apply actual textures found in the City of Linz to them, and then togenerate them in a physical form in order to be able to swap, sell or distributethem.

Export to World
Linda Kostowski, Sascha Pohflepp (DE)
In a shop on Marienstraße, large-scale display ads show what’s for sale: custom-made or purchased virtual objects that shoppers can buy at a price determined daily by the current Linden dollar/euro exchange rate. The proud new owner receives a two-dimensional paper representation of the object, whichhe/she can manually fit together into a three-dimensional object on-site.

Cut and Paste

Transferring clothing and accessories from Second Life into the physical realmis a simple way to evade the copy protection operational in the virtual world.Serving as models are 2D screenshots of shops in Second Life. The selected objects are then printed out in their original size, applied to a cardboard backing, and cut out by workshop participants, who can then wear the accessories themselves during the festival.

Enter the Metaverse

Festivalgoers who still don’t have a Second Life account can receive helpopening one up from the highly skilled crew of Enter the Metaverse. Here, you can get support in the selection and design of your avatar, and user-friendly explanations while taking your first steps into the world of virtuality.  


Every avatar in Second Life has a nickname that floats above the its head onscreen and is constantly visible by all other players. WoW takes this mode of publicizing players’ names that's typical of online 3D worlds and transfers it into the physical domain of everyday life. Festivalgoers will have the opportunity to construct their own name out of plastic and then to parade around in public with it hovering above their head. 

Missing image

Missing Image is a piece of clothing that transfers a graphic error from the virtualworld of Second Life into the physical sphere in the form of a long-sleeve shirt.

Aram Bartholl (DE) Markus Angerer a.k.a.  Kosmar (DE)

The Web-Shirt provides a long list of the best-known Web 2.0 services with their stereotypical names andicons to check off. Just like the wearers of a status symbol, users can compare their number ofWeb 2.0 accounts and show the world what they've got. Who has the most? Who’s in on the latest?

Aram Bartholl in cooperation with: Jürgen Höbarth (AT), NewBerlin / Jan Northoff (DE),Tobias Leingruber (DE), Martin Bauer (DE)

Thanks to Linda Kostowski (, Sascha Pohflepp (, Jan Northoff / NewBerlin (, Jürgen Höbarth (, Tobias Leingruber ( and Joachim Stein ( for their support in staging several workshops, their Second Life know-how and the community connection.Thanks to Markus Angermeier ( for his cooperation and design on the Web-Shirt project.

Thanks to Martin Bauer ( for bringing his laser cutter and cutting for in several workshops.

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