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Trans Reality Video Conference Phone Booth

There are many research projects working on ways to use virtual 3D worlds and avatars to carry out contact-intensive tasks like customer support.

The Trans Reality Video Conference Phone Booth that Peter Harlander and the Ars Electronica Futurelab have come up with makes possible direct communication between human beings in the real world and avatars in virtual domains. It thus offers a glimpse of a potential variant of interpersonal communication in the future.

Peter Harlander is a lawyer and expert in the field of electronic data processing in Salzburg. His activities focus on phenomena at the nexus of jurisprudence and information technology. Parallel to this, he and his business partner Martin Sternsberger operate the trend agency Second Promotion that is currently involved in researching reality-transcending forms of communication. Second Promotion's presence in Second Life recently rocketed into the Top 20 list of most-visited islands in that online virtual world.

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