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07.09. - 07.09.21:00 - 00:00

Roter Krebs

Second Krebs

In an experimental array, Internet phenomena like Second Life, chatrooms, MySpace and eBay will be subjected to analog testing via installations, actions and auctions, and taken to the point of absurdity in the premises of zum Rothen Krebsen and the Institute for Expanded Art.

A project of the Institute for Expanded Art; Participating artists: Karin Fisslthaler,Marlene Haderer, Hannes Langeder, Doris Prlic, Ben Ross, Sabine Stuller, Karo Szmit, Dorota Wojenska, Jochen Zeirzer, Berthold Zettelmeier, Haruko Maeda u. a.

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07.09.  21:00 - 00:00