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St. Georgen an der Gusen


The Invisible Camp
The AUDIOWALK GUSEN explores a now private space that, despite a 60-year-long culture of forgetting, could not be withheld from public interest. The AUDIOWALK seeks the concealed memory of an area that contained the concentration camps Gusen I and II during the Nazi dictatorship. Whoever takes the AUDIOWALK GUSEN will be guided by a voice via headphones through a pleasant residential and recreational landscape that reveals nothing of its past on the surface.

You hear original recordings with personal testimonies by survivors of the camp, contemporary witnesses from the area and the views of today’s Gusen residents. Retired members of the German Wehrmacht and former members of the SS who were stationed at the camps Gusen I and II also have their say.  Without stations, signs or plans, just equipped with an iPod, you are led precisely through a residential area right to an underground aircraft factory.  

Duration of the AUDIOWALK: 99 minutes 

Info and reservations: Pfarrplatz 6
Free Shuttle Service
Departs daily at 2:30 PM and 4 PM (directly in front of Pfarrplatz 6)
Return trip from Gusen: daily at 4:45 PM and 6:15 PM (the trip takes about 30 minutes)
Audio guides are available in English and German.

Gusen Concentration Camp  

Although Gusen concentration camp Gusen is comparable to camps such as Buchenwald and Mauthausen in its significance, ithas been largely blotted outfrom the public consciousness. Gusen is probably the only Nazi concentration camp complex of these dimensions whose site has not been turned into a public memorial. The compound and the structural remains of the former camp are used today by companies or private persons.

christoph mayer chm. / idea and artistic realisation
Andreas Hagelüken / co-director, dramaturgy, audio-production
Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt / music
Jule Böwe / voice original version
Jörg Theil / outdoor recording
Jörg Höhne, Robin Pohle, Sven Serfling / sound design
Carsten Richter / fooley artist
Rudolf Haunschmied, Gedenkdienstkomitee Gusen, Bertrand Perz / history consultants
Clava Grimm / psychological consultant
Luis Wohlmuther / organisation
die jungs kommunikation / public relations
Lisa Shoemaker / translation

The AUDIOWALK GUSEN is supported by:
Nationalfonds für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus, Bundesministerium für Inneres, Land Oberösterreich, Gemeinde Langenstein, Marktgemeinde St. Georgen an der Gusen, Gedenkdienstkomitee Gusen, Kulturverein Tribüne u.a.

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