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05.09. - 05.09.14:30 - 18:00

Oberlandesgericht Linz

Fundamental Rights in the Digital World - Workshops

The Internet, cellphone and video are essential to how we communicate now. Massive numbers of people put themselves on display in weblogs and on sites like Flickr, MySpace and YouTube. A “second life” is being marketed under the buzzword Web 2.0.

Huge quantities of data are available—often made public by the subjects themselves, though mostly with hardly a clue about the potential consequences of having done so. In the digital world, is it even possible to enforce our fundamental rights to the protection of our personal information and our private sphere? What exactly does it mean to have a fundamental right to information? How is the private sphere changing in the transparent world of digital media?

Ars Electronica and the Fundamental Rights Section of the Austrian Judges Association are jointly organizing this interdisciplinary symposium. Following an introduction to the subject by international experts, the first afternoon session is intended to heighten judicial consciousness of the need for legal protection in certain areas. On the second day, attention will shift to society’s current conception of the private sphere in the novel context of terrorism and Web 2.0.

2:30 PM Workshops with Expert Briefings

1. Social Risks of Public Registries
Chair: Michael Nentwich, Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Technology Assessment
Wolfgang Heufler, attorney, Vienna
Dietmar Jahnel, University of Salzburg
Moderator: Michael Reiter, judge, Vienna

2. Data Retention
Chair: Susanne Reindl, Department of Criminal Law, University of Vienna
Franz Schmidbauer, judge, Salzburg
Klaus Steinmaurer, T-Mobile, Vienna
Moderator: Christian Mayer, public prosecutor, Vienna

3. The Right to Information
Chair: Dragana Damjanovic, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Roland Belfin, RTR – Austrian Federal Broadcasting & Telecommunications Regulatory Corporation, Vienna
Bernhard Karning, Austrian Federal Chancellery, Vienna
Alfred Ruzicka, Austrian Federal Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology
Moderator: Christian Hubmer, trainee judge, Linz

4. Video Surveillance
Chair: Hannes Tretter, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Human Rights
Margot Artner, attorney, Vienna
Walter Peissl, Austrian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Technology Assessment
Thomas Tauscher, entrepreneur in the electronics sector, Vienna
Moderator: Britta Tichy-Martin, judge, Vienna

4:30–5 PM Coffee Break

5 PM Panel with Presentations by the Workshop Leaders
Moderator: Hans-Peter Lehofer, Higher Administrative Court, Vienna

6 PM Conclusion 

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05.09.  14:30 - 18:00