The Sound of Europe
Salzburg, 27.-28. Jan 2006

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Europa in Sicht

Speeches and

Die Inszenierung des

Interaktive Installationen

bullet European Soundscape
bullet Europe is Real
bullet Gedankenlandschaft
bullet Leading Opinions


bullet Threshold to the Kingdom
bullet 27. Januar 1945
bullet This is your Victory
bullet Faces of Europe
bullet Strength and Opportunities
bullet Europe all Weather
bullet Ars Electronica Futurelab


Soundtrack zur Konferenz



bullet Europa in Sicht
bullet Visuals "The Sound of Europe"
bullet Die Inszenierung des Konferenzraums
bullet "European Soundscape"
bullet "Europe is Real"
bullet "Gedankenlandschaft Europa"
bullet "Leading Opinions"
bullet „Threshold to the Kingdom“, Video by Mark Wallinger
bullet “27. Januar 1945 – in commemoration to the victims of the Holocaust“, digital animation by Zachary Lieberman
bullet “This is your Victory”, Remix from “Words that won the War” by Martin Landquist and Stryngford Syntagma
bullet “Faces of Europe”, photo portraits by Oliviero Toscani
bullet “Strength and Opportunities of Europe”, a semantic network visualization by Dietmar Offenhuber
bullet “Europe all Weather”, a TV-Jam by Thomas Schneider
bullet Ars Electronica Futurelab
bullet Wikimap
bullet Semantisches Netzwerk
bullet IST-Forschungslandschaft
bullet Portrait of the European Union 2006
bullet Soundtrack zur Konferenz