Deep Space 8K: White Point 2016

Thu 8 September 2016, 1:30PM-2PM
Sun 11 September 2016, 3:30PM-4PM
Mon 12 September 2016, 12PM-12:30PM
Ars Electronica Center
Credit: Arotin & Serghei

The starting point of AROTIN & SERGHEI’s art Installation WHITE POINT for the Deep Space 8K is the smallest possible visible image: a single shining white light pixel of the matrix of 66 million of the 16 m x 18 m projection space is shown pulsing in the rhythm of a heartbeat. It moves gradually to the viewer and takes the whole space of the building. In the radical enlargement one can discover the structure of this white light point, a cube made of red, blue and green light cells dissolved by the brightness contrast of pulsation into visible and invisible phases. In the bright overexposure of the flashes, the colors melt into dazzling white. In the shadow phases memories of color cells “engraved” in the retina of our eyes blur and seem to change. The sequences of mutation of subliminal retinal images is realized as an 8K single-picture animation of six layers, projected onto the wall and floor and combined with the sound of Scriabin’s synthetic hexachord, the origin of all sounds.

In cooperation with Bildrecht Vienna / Museum in Progress Vienna.

Not recommended for epileptics.