Relative Realitäten Klien Festival 2016

Relative Realities

A pendulum swings through a space. Although freely swaying through space it collides with objects; invisible, but audible.

Robots in Architecture

The international Association for Robots in Architecture is originally a spin off association of Vienna University of Technology. Its goal is to make industrial robots accessible for the creative industry, artists, designers and architects, by sharing ideas, research results and technological developments.

Focus Digital Music and Soundart: Sonic Saturday

The Sonic Saturday schedule includes a diversified lineup of offerings—symposia, panel discussions, a guided tour, Listening Room and Medium Sonorum—dedicated to listening experiences in general and modern multi-channel compositions and computer music in particular.

Fog Pixel

Kazuma Suzuki, Asturo Ueki, Masa Inakage
Fog Pixel introduces a method for controlling the fog stream shape, direction and wind velocity, to go along with light and sound.

Deep Space 8K: White Point 2016

The starting point of AROTIN & SERGHEI’s art Installation WHITE POINT for the Deep Space 8K is the smallest possible visible image: a single shining white light pixel of the matrix of 66 million of the 16 m x 18 m projection space is shown pulsing in the rhythm of a heartbeat.

Burning Too

Bright lights and blazing flames—Don Ritter works with sound & video projections screened right on the exterior wall of the old post office at Linz’s main train station right across from the entrance to POSTCITY.

Deep Space 8K: Scalar Fields

This work visualizes the pressure field around the soles of shoes. By using the fluid simulation software developed by the artist, the propagation of pressure in air is visualized in 8K video, with a marvelous sound experience.

Sonic Wildness Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

Sonic Wildness

Steffen Armbruster, Antye Greie-Ripatti
In this installation the artists create complex soundscapes that can be explored individually, that connect with the space the users are in and let them dive into the sonic wildness.

Thom Kubli Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

Black Hole Horizon

Thom Kubli
Black Hole Horizon by Thom Kubli is a meditation on a spectacular machine that transforms sound into three-dimensional objects and keeps the space in a steady state of transformation.