Deep Space 8K: Pathfinding in the Human – Computer Medicine

Fr 9 September 2016 4:30PM-5PM
Sat 10 September 2016, 11:30AM-12PM

Ars Electronica Center
Credit: Fraunhofer MEVIS

During the last three decades we have witnessed the growing complexity of technology and a flood that is filling our hospitals today—functional imaging, full gene sequencing, automated laboratory medicine and much more. But the role and responsibility sharing in healthcare, clearly structured into specific disciplines, has remained almost unchanged despite almost complete digitization. For three years now, a paradigm shift has been taking place, triggered by achievements in machine learning which were believed impossible only a few years ago, with Deep Learning as the most prominent example. Physicians are now regularly wondering: ”Will I be replaced by the computer?” We follow the track of machine learning in medicine and look for answers to questions about future role models and the benefits and risks of the digital revolution. We will learn how emerging human-computer teams achieve a far superior performance while overcoming technical and spatial limits, with effects even in the most remote countries.

Credits: Project-team: Prof. Dr. Horst Hahn (DE), Alexander Köhn (DE), Bianka Hofmann (DE), Fraunhofer MEVIS Team (DE)