Interface I

THU 8 September - MON 12 September 2016, 10AM-19:30PM, POSTCITY, Gallery
Credit: Bresadola and

Ralf Baecker

Interface I by Ralf Baecker investigates the boundary between two interacting systems rendered into the physical. One system is a compound of motors, twine and elastic bands arranged horizontally. Each motor is connected to its opposing motor in the facing system by a string, and to its neighbors by an elastic thread. In order to excite the system’s behavior, each motor is fed with random impulses from a Geiger-Müller tube. The mesh couples each element to its surrounding elements in order to achieve a local emergent behavior. Interface I reproduces space and time in constantly shifting configurations.

Produced by NOME Gallery Berlin 2016
Production assistant: Antje Weller
Research and experiments essential to the realization of Interface I were carried out as part of Ralf Baecker’s research project Time of Non-Reality at the Graduate School at the University of the Arts, Berlin.