Without Borders

Thu 8 September - Mon 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM
Credit: Klaus Dieterstorfer

During times in which the world’s borders are becoming increasingly hard and  fast, people without borders are gaining importance. Accordingly, there are more and more groups that use “without borders” in their name, associations of people whose professions have become a more broadly conceived calling to work on behalf of the community. Doctors Without Borders, for example, is an international medical aid organization that helps people in need, victims of catastrophes and armed conflicts. Reporters Without Borders, on the other hand, is committed to safeguarding freedom of the press and the right to express divergent opinions. Engineers Without Borders is active worldwide cooperatively carrying out technical development projects.

These organizations have one thing in common—they transcend borders in deploying their knowledge, time and enthusiasm in order to accomplish some purpose. But what motivates them? And is it possible by means of knowledge transfer to contribute to correcting the disequilibrium that characterizes the world order?


Engineers without Borders Austria is a non-profit organization which carries out projects in the field of technical development all over the world. Our solutions give people access to basic infrastructure, in order to improve their quality of life sustainably. The local conditions and the available resources in the project area are always paramount in the entire planning and implementation process. By working closely with the local population both, custom-tailored solutions as well as sustainable added value are ensured.

Credit: Klaus Dieterstorfer


Architecture without Borders Austria (AoGA) is an non-profit organization which supports aid‐organizations or groups of future users of built environment in the process of planning and implementation of construction projects. The aim of AoGA is to improve the living conditions of people in need through architecture in all its varieties. A central aspect in our work is the cooperative development of space with its future inhabitants. Therefore AoGA uses different methods to work together with local communities and organizations to develop new socially sustainable living areas. In this exhibition you will find architectural models, 1:1 installations, films, workshops, games or experiments with local building materials.