Eye to eye with Sally

Thu 8 September - 12 September 2016, 10AM-7:30PM
Credit: DS Automotion

Bridging the gap between industry 4.0 and electronic arts

Since the first Ars Electronica in 1979, ubiquitous digitization and computerization have been continually revolutionizing both the arts and industrial production. Developments such as the ongoing fourth industrial revolution utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) to boost the agility of production environments are key prerequisites for the industry-scale production of fully individualized products. Sally is an automated guided vehicle (AGV) designed by DS AUTOMOTION to facilitate the flexible flow of materials, tools and parts that industry 4.0 relies on. During Ars Electronica 2016, Sally will interact with visitors through a purpose-built art application by Ars Electronica Solutions, combining hardware, software, connectivity and motion to bridge the gap between art and industry. Using its advanced technology, the cyber-physical vehicle will even provide visitors with a souvenir, demonstrating safe human-machine cooperation far beyond the protected environment of computer games.