Eye to eye with Sally

Since the first Ars Electronica in 1979, ubiquitous digitization and computerization have been continually revolutionizing both the arts and industrial production.

Deep Space 8K: Cooperative Aesthetics

Cooperative Aesthetics is an exhibition by Gerhard Funk (AT) of a collection of programs designed to enable audiences to enjoy collective audiovisual experiences. The intention is to transform Deep Space into a setting in which visitors can move about freely and thereby influence the visual output of the wall and floor projections and the sounds audible in the space

Project Jacquard Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

Project Jacquard

Dr. Ivan Poupyrev
Project Jacquard makes it possible to weave interactive touch and gesture into any textile using standard, industrial looms.

Ars Wild Card +

Ars Wild Card is a smartphone app developed by Ars Electronica Futurelab which enables visitors to enjoy exhibitions in public spaces. Visitors can use it to get information about works in the exhibition, as well as photographing the works, even including themselves, and creating their original postcards.

Deep Space 8K: The Conduit

The Conduit is part performance, part interactive installation that investigates social engagement and the consequences of speculative technological and political frameworks. Participants will negotiate an eight-bit simulation of the future and its effects on our everyday social interactions.


We envision that future wearable technology will move around the human body, and will react to its host and the environment. To proof this concept, we developed Rovables, miniature robots that can move freely on unmodified clothing.

Women in Media Arts

Woman in Media Arts is a comprehensive database dedicated exclusively to women working in these genres. It includes all women who have made a mark on the 36-year history of Ars Electronica, and is designed to serve as an active research platform for artists, curators, scholars, scientists and anyone else interested in finding out more about female practitioners in these fields.

Flying in the Middle of Nowhere

The work was produced at Fondazione Mondo Digitale’s Innovation Gym. Lino Strangis for six months at Phyrtual Innovation Gym along with seven young people selected by a call.


Shinoda & Makino Laboratory
Haptoclone creates 3D visual images of objects and produces haptic interactions with the 3D images. The system has two small workspaces and they are completely symmetrical. A person’s hand or an object in a workspace is cloned to the other workspace and two people in front of the two workspaces can touch each other through their 3D images with haptic feedback.