THU September 8-MON September 12, 2016, 10 AM-7:30 PM
Credit: Florian Voggeneder

From door to door, from room to room:In the former offices of the postal and parcel distribution center you will encounter different projects by international artists.

Robots in Architecture

The international Association for Robots in Architecture is originally a spin off association of Vienna University of Technology. Its goal is to make industrial robots accessible for the creative industry, artists, designers and architects, by sharing ideas, research results and technological developments.

BTK Media Spaces

The group exhibition Media Spaces contains media projects that research innovative conceptual solutions within the realm where real and virtual spaces come together. They include artworks created with a focus on spatial aspects of media installations, including their dimension and perception, to show art works by nine young individuals who came to Berlin a year ago to study, work, and last but not least to live in the city of Berlin.

V2 Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions are short-term residencies for young and emerging artists, organized by an international network of cultural organizations. The Summer Sessions pop-up exhibition at the Festival Ars Electronica shows a selection of outcomes realized through this international exchange of emerging talents.

RoBoHon Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

RoBoHoN – Heart moving phone

RoBoHoN not only has the basic functions of a mobile phone but is also equipped with a camera, projector and robotics functions, including the voice communication system. These are all embedded in a compact humanoid robot body.

Campus Exhibition

Empowerment Informatics

“Empowerment Informatics” is a new branch of informatics that supplements and extends human functions and enables technology to work in harmony with people.

Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy – QUT 2016

The Ars Electronica Futurelab Academy comprises a range of activities that share the goal of knowledge transfer and exchange with educational institutions and organizations acting at the nexus of art, design and technology.

Deformation Lamp

Deformation Lamp is a new light-projection technique developed in 2015, and a magical lighting system that can bring completely novel visual experiences, making physically static objects appear to move, deform or flutter.

Flying in the Middle of Nowhere

The work was produced at Fondazione Mondo Digitale’s Innovation Gym. Lino Strangis for six months at Phyrtual Innovation Gym along with seven young people selected by a call.

Faux Terrain

The title FAUX TERRAIN subsumes various interrelated but nevertheless discrete artistic works by Claudia Larcher. Through the use of abstraction, exaggeration and decontextualization, she presents habitats, architectural landscapes and natural formations as utopian expanses and dystopian scenarios