Deep Space 8K: Scalar Fields

Thu 8 September 2016, 2PM-2:30PM
Fri 9 September 2016, 12 noon-12:30PM
Sat 10 September 2016, 8PM-8:30PM
Sun 11 September 2016, 12PM-12:30PM
Mon 12 September 2016, 2:30PM-3PM
Ars Electronica Center
Credit: Akira Wakita

This work visualizes the pressure field around the soles of shoes. By using the fluid simulation software developed by the artist, the propagation of pressure in air is visualized in 8K video, with a marvelous sound experience.

When wearing shoes and performing acts such as standing and walking, a pressure field that is invisible to the naked eye is generated on the contact surface, and this certainly continues to affect the surrounding areas. The shoe is not just a device to support walking; it is also a medium to propagate the wearer’s existence and identity in the form of mild pressure.

A small storm is raging in the micro space around the shoe sole. Wind pressure generated by walking blows the mite off the carpet. Converting to macro scale, it is similar to the phenomenon in which human beings are blown down by the air pressure generated during wartime air raids. Through simulation and visualization, we may obtain a wide range of perception connecting the micro to the macro world.

Visualization : Akira Wakita
Music : Tetsuya Komuro