Boris Labbé Rhizome Animation Festival Prix Ars Electronica

Ars Electronica Animation Festival

The Ars Electronica Animation Festival shows diversity with respect to both content and style. It delivers impressive testimony to how quickly (computer) animation is growing and how strongly it influences our everyday life.

Prix Forum I – Computer Animation/Film/VFX

The Computer Animation / Film / VFX Prix Forum will deal with developments in the animation field. With Gerfried Stocker (AT), Boris Labbé (FR), Yuya Hanai (JP), Mari-Liis Rebane (EE) and Johannes Schiehsl (AT).

Deep Space 8K: Rhizome

Rhizome is an experimental animated short film that has its foundation in the homonymous philosophical concept coined and developed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Gattari, involving research that is close to Steve Reich’s serial music, Escher’s mathematical art work, Bruegel and Bosch’s paintings and various scientific theories about the development of life, genetics, the infinitely small and the infinitely large.

Ars Electronica Animation Screening 2016

More than 1,300 works were submitted for prize consideration in the 2016 Prix Ars Electronica’s Computer Animation / Film / VFX category. These entries are the basis on which we’ve compiled the 15 programs that make up this year’s Ars Electronica Animation Festival, a cross-section of the world of digital filmmaking today and its tremendous aesthetic, substantive and technical diversity.