PIEdeck is an experimental interactive installation created for playful activities with multiple participants.

Deep Space 8K: See what you made me do

See what you made me do is a generative performance for two characters, playing and interacting according to roles and rules of power present in social intercourse. According to archetypes of behavior, our attitudes and actions are determined within a dramaturgical thread and intertwined with an immersive visual and sonic interpretation.

Deep Space 8K: VR Playspace

Virtual reality applications tend to focus on the experience of an individual, creating an immersive experience that practically separates the user from the real world. VR Playspace strives to achieve a collaborative hybrid VR experience by integrating multiple VR players and live spectators into a cooperative game

ZoopTEK Knight Light Scorpion Event Festival 2016

Knight Light

Knight Light is ZoopTEK’s vision for the next generation of e-sports, as an immersive live gaming event.