Deep Space 8K: See what you made me do

Sun 11 September 2016, 8PM-9PM
Ars Electronica Center

“Stimulus-hunger has the same relationship to survival of the human organism as food-hunger”

Eric Berne, Games People Play

See what you made me do is a generative performance for two characters, playing and interacting according to roles and rules of power present in social intercourse. According to archetypes of behavior, our attitudes and actions are determined within a dramaturgical thread and intertwined with an immersive visual and sonic interpretation.

On the stage, the body and voice of the performers are tracked and processed in real time by generative algorithm software and reflected through abstractions, counter-forms and monochromatic scenes that represent the collisions created by the characters involved.

See what you made me do is a performance and a game involving chance, improvisation and choice as elements that determine the course of its narrative, while playing with the possibilities of control.


Credits: Interaction design concept: Viktor Delev; performance concept: Dagmar Dachauer, Didi Bruckmayr