Human Body

Deep Space 8K: Cinematic Rendering—Dissecting Theatre of the Future

Considering how computer tomography (CT) makes it possible to look inside the human body without resorting to a scalpel is actually quite fascinating in its own right, but the app Cinematic Rendering at the Deep Space 8K takes the teaching of the anatomy of the human body to the next Level.

Touch My Sound Werner Jauk Concert Performance Festival 2016

touch the sound 2.0 / sound-sculpting

touch the sound 2.0 / sound-sculpting makes a concerted effort to focus auditory attention on the importance of the interface that is the human body and to explore the reality-constructions of two dissimilar, sensory forms of interaction.

Artifical Skins and Bones

Nature’s patterns, structures, and functions are an endless source of inspiration. We started off the project by examining our body’s design that may be applied to artificial bodies. Through workshops and interviews with experts from Ottobock, we expand our agenda: the language of sensation, interaction, and the aesthetics of artificial bodies. The outcome illustrates our design exploration and possible future of technology and body.


HACKberry is an open-source 3D-printable bionic arm (i.e. motorized hand that a person missing a hand can control intuitively via muscle signals in their residual arm). All the technical data including 3D CAD file, software code, circuit diagram, and bill of materials are disclosed as open-source under Creative Commons license. In this way, private developers around the world can replicate and customize it for whoever it can help in their local area.