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Nyloïd is an impressive sound sculpture, a huge tripod consisting of three six-meter-long nylon limbs animated by sophisticated mechanical and sound devices. Sensual, animal and threatening, this mobile draws its dramatic power from the reactivity of its plastic and sound material to diverse mechanical constraints.

Summer Sessions

The Summer Sessions pop-up exhibition shows a selection of outcomes realized through the international exchange of emerging talents within the Summer Sessions network. Summer Sessions are short-term residencies for young and emerging artists, organized by an international network of cultural organizations.

Capillaries Capillaries

Capillaries Capillaries is an audiovisual composition based on a non-hierarchical and bi-directional relationship between sound and image in real-time. The piece does not represent a visualization of music or sonification of an image but rather a tangle of audiovisual interactions.

NOIZE Etudes

NOIZE Etudes is a live multimedia performance focusing on micro-sounds caused by binary operations in multiple layers of music coding.

Experts Tour: Music Monday Tour

The Sound Art Parcour of Music Monday is an Ars Electronica tradition of long standing. The tour kicks off at Anton Bruckner Private University, the focus is on the Ars Electronica Festival’s projects that have to do with sound. The defining characteristic is that this is actually a music education program designed to mediate the general public’s encounters with musical art.

Experts Tour: Sonic Saturday Tour

Media artist and composer Se-Lien Chuang and professor Andreas Weixler, director of the Computer Music Studio (CMS), give exciting insights into the Sonic Lab & the Computer Music Studio (CMS) at Anton Bruckner Private University. After a short tour follows an introduction into the functionality of the multichannel intermedia computer music concert hall.