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Ars Electronica 2000 'Gerfried Stocker Gerfried Stocker  /  'Christine Schöpf Christine Schöpf
The Pencil of Nature II 'Gerfried Stocker Gerfried Stocker
Sex in the Future
Sex and Fertility: Ready for Divorce? 'Carl Djerassi Carl Djerassi
Development of an Artificial Placenta 'Nobuya Unno Nobuya Unno
Sexuality and Procreation as a Technical Construction 'Jens Reich Jens Reich
Beastly Homosexualities 'Bruce Bagemihl Bruce Bagemihl
The Evolutionary Biology of Rape 'Randy Thornhill Randy Thornhill  /  'Craig T. Palmer Craig T. Palmer
Sex and Reproduction 'Xin Mao Xin Mao
Subject: Science - Object: Woman 'Veena Gowda Veena Gowda
Thinking the Sexual 'Marie-Luise Angerer Marie-Luise Angerer
Procreation-Life and Death 'Joanne Finkelstein Joanne Finkelstein
Gendernauts 'Monika Treut Monika Treut
Terminal-Sex 'Stahl Stenslie Stahl Stenslie
Artistic Molecules 'Joe Davis Joe Davis  /  'Katie Egan Katie Egan
Romance, Supercodes, and the Milky Way DNA 'Joe Davis Joe Davis
Tissue Culture & Art(ificial) Wombs 'Oron Catts Oron Catts  /  'Ionat Zurr Ionat Zurr  /  'Guy Ben-Ary Guy Ben-Ary
Nature? 'Marta de Menezes Marta de Menezes
Digital Diary 'Natacha Merrit Natacha Merrit
Klones 'Heimo Ranzenbacher Heimo Ranzenbacher  /  'Dieter Huber Dieter Huber
Tit for Twat 'Kaucyila Brooke Kaucyila Brooke
Sex i(n) motion ' Science Education Team Science Education Team
Oculation 'Anie Stanley Anie Stanley  /  'Roy Rajendra Roy Rajendra
Social Club
Intercourse 'Istvan Kantor Istvan Kantor
hearing monkeys 'Hubert Lepka Hubert Lepka
D.A.V.E 'Klaus Obermaier Klaus Obermaier  /  'Chris Haring Chris Haring
BodySpin ' Time's Up Time's Up
Active Score Music 'Golan Levin Golan Levin
Notes on small Fish 'Wolfgang Muench Wolfgang Muench  /  'Kiyoshi Furukawa Kiyoshi Furukawa  /  'Masaki Fujihata Masaki Fujihata
Ridin´a Train
20´to 2000 ' raster-noton raster-noton
audio visual quicksand ' Jomasounds Jomasounds
OMV Klangpark 'Rupert Huber Rupert Huber  /  'Isabella Bordoni Isabella Bordoni  /  'Sergio Messina Sergio Messina  /  '