Ars Electronica 1984
Festival-Catalog 1984 (Part 02)
Festival-Program 1984
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Preface 'Hugo Schanovsky Hugo Schanovsky
Biographies I - Q
Biographies R - Z
ARS ELECTRONICA 84 - Art, Technology and Society 'Hannes Leopoldseder Hannes Leopoldseder
Klangkuppel 'Leo Küpper Leo Küpper
Music and Technique Today - The parameter of the sound space in music 'Leo Küpper Leo Küpper
Live Concerts 'Leo Küpper Leo Küpper
Live Concerts 'Géraldine Ros Géraldine Ros
Tape Concerts - Program 'Leo Küpper Leo Küpper
Tape Concerts ' Centro di Sonologia Computazionale Padua (C.S.C.) Centro di Sonologia Computazionale Padua (C.S.C.)  /  'Mauro Graziani Mauro Graziani
Tape Concerts 'Bernard Parmegiani Bernard Parmegiani  /  'François Bayle François Bayle  /  ' Groupe de Recherches Musicales Paris (G.R.M.) Groupe de Recherches Musicales Paris (G.R.M.)  /  'Christian Zanesi Christian Zanesi
Tape Concerts ' Instituut voor Sonologie Utrecht Instituut voor Sonologie Utrecht  /  'Larus Grimsson Larus Grimsson  /  'Robert Nasveld Robert Nasveld  /  'Jaap M. Vink Jaap M. Vink  /  'Roland Kayn Roland Kayn
Tape Concerts 'Klaus Hashagen Klaus Hashagen
Tape Concerts 'Josef Anton Riedl Josef Anton Riedl
Live Concerts 'Josef Anton Riedl Josef Anton Riedl
Live Concerts 'Stephen Ferguson Stephen Ferguson
Live Concerts 'Alvin Curran Alvin Curran
Tape Concerts ' Electronic Art Center of Tokyo (E.A.C.) Electronic Art Center of Tokyo (E.A.C.)  /  'Kazuo Uehara Kazuo Uehara
Tape Concerts 'Lars-Gunnar Bodin Lars-Gunnar Bodin  /  'Åke Parmerud Åke Parmerud  /  ' Stiftelsen Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm (EMS) Stiftelsen Elektronmusikstudion Stockholm (EMS)  /  'Tommy Zwedberg Tommy Zwedberg  /  'Pär Lindgren Pär Lindgren  /  'Tamas Ungvary Tamas Ungvary  /  'Rolf Enström Rolf Enström
Mind Of The Universe 'Isao Tomita Isao Tomita
The Digital Art
Beschreibung der Präsentation 'Jane Veeder Jane Veeder
Computer art as a way of life - Jane Veeder 'Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood
Notes for "The Computer in Music - Comings and Goings" 'James Dashow James Dashow
A Medium Matures: Video and the Cinematic Enterprise 'Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood
Cray-1 'Gene Youngblood Gene Youngblood
The Philosophical Data Bank of Minus Delta T 'Mike Hentz Mike Hentz
Pictorial Arts from the Computer 'Herbert W. Franke Herbert W. Franke
Expansion of Media Art 'Jürgen Claus Jürgen Claus
The Simulation of the Movement of Synthesized Sounds with the Aid of Small Computers 'Klaus Buhlert Klaus Buhlert
IRCAM 'Jean-Baptiste Barrière Jean-Baptiste Barrière
MIDI - What it is and what it means to Electronic Artists 'Robert A. Moog Robert A. Moog
The Computer Musician 'Mike Beecher Mike Beecher
The sermon on the mount 'Hubert Bognermayr Hubert Bognermayr  /  'Harald Zuschrader Harald Zuschrader
Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere 'Glenn Branca Glenn Branca
Collisions ' Transcenic Transcenic  /  ' Théâtre d‘en Face Théâtre d‘en Face
Artificial Will 'Peter Weibel Peter Weibel
Tobias Zapfel 'Thomas Pernes Thomas Pernes  /  ' Tanztheater Wien Tanztheater Wien
Austria´s Future - Life in the Year 2019
Grand Prize of Ars Electronica
Linz Sound Cloud ´84 'Walter Haupt Walter Haupt
Theatre of Sounds ' Altmüller, Bogner Altmüller, Bogner  /  ' Egger, Mechtler, Schu Egger, Mechtler, Schu
Holography / The cubism of our time 'Matthias Lauk Matthias Lauk
Holographical pictures - frozen in space and time 'Bodo Dorra Bodo Dorra
Street Theatre / Wet Sheets - Voyage into the Future ' Natural Theatre Company Natural Theatre Company
Street Theatre / Performance 2019 'Urban Sax Urban Sax
Microelectronics for Man
Stadtwerkstatt / Pairs of Events
Stadtwerkstatt / t.p.l.m. Singing Pool
Die Stadtwerkstatt – a Pictorial
Durchgehende Veranstaltungen - Übersicht
Children and Computers
Science and the Public 'Heinz Haber Heinz Haber
Give + Take 'Waltraud Cooper Waltraud Cooper
The Sound Research Project ' Head Resonance Head Resonance
Man and Computer 'Franziska Ablinger Franziska Ablinger  /  'Gerhard Weigl Gerhard Weigl  /  'Franz Hitz Franz Hitz
Futurist Dinner
Ars Electronica in Hörfunk und Fernsehen
Appeals to Human Kind
Biographies A - H