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1000 Deathclock
Miyajima Tatsuo, Tachibana Hajime
Until which day do you wish to live? When the user answers this question on a website, time lived to-date and time remaining are shown in tenths of a second and displayed together with the data of other visitors.
3 minutes2
Mestaoui Naziha, Kaci Yacine Ait
Physical and projected spaces overlap in this installation. The projection engenders a hybrid environment, the inhabitant of which is represented by a silhouette. The environment reacts to the installation visitors’ actions, which are thereby completely embedded into the virtual space.

Feng Mengbo
In this game—already Feng Mengbo’s third modification of the popular computer game “Quake III Arena”—the player moves an avatar modeled on the artist himself by the player’s own movements on a “dancing board,” a playing surface consisting of touch-sensitive floorboards.

Musil Barbara
The transformation of a typical element of the urban soundscape. In the Romanian city of Cluj, the sounds made by the car alarm systems of ten vehicles—which continued to be used normally by their drivers—were replaced by songs and texts ranging from ‘70s hits to passages from the Bible.
Augmented Fish Reality
Rinaldo Ken
An interactive installation controlled by fish and their swimming movements. Siamese fighting fish are famous for their outstanding vision.
Banlieu du Vide
Köner Thomas
3000 images from surveillance cameras showing empty, snow-covered streets and accompanied by traffic sounds and colorless ambient noise. The only movement is of the changing accumulations of snow—emergence and disappearance in, as it were, timeless fashion.
Maire Julien
This short film about a day in a man’s life is projected with a “reversed camera” system.
Interactive generative stage and dynamic costume for André Werners `Marlowe, the Jew of Malta´
ESG extended stage group
The stage setting and costumes of André Werner’s opera “Marlowe: The Jew of Malta” are created exclusively by interactive projections. The upshot is the overlapping of spaces and shifts of perspective that are the essence of the opera’s mis-en-scène.

Isadora - Future of Memory Improvisation
Coniglio Marc, Stoppiello Dawn
A dance performance as interaction between dancer and software. Movements are captured, manipulated using Isadora software, and projected.
Listening Post
Rubin Ben, Hansen Mark H.
A tremendous number of discussion domains—chats, message boards, forums—have spun off from the possibilities afforded by online communication. These spaces are indeed public, but the user cannot experience the communication sensorially.

Kaiser Paul, Eshkar Shelley, Downie Marc
A portrait of American choreographer Merce Cunningham. Images of his hand movements taken by Motion Capture—close-ups recorded during a performance of his choreographed piece “Loops”—are recombined.
Messa di Voce
Levin Golan, Lieberman Zachary, Blonk Jaap, Barbara Joan La
Custom-developed interactive software transforms language, song and vocalized sounds into highly expressive real-time graphics.

Parkes Amanda, Raffles Hayes
A set of 3-D building blocks whose movements can be stored to memory and recalled. The user can assemble figures and, by moving the individual blocks, prescribe movements that the figures then repeat.
Turing Train Terminal
Hofmann Severin, Moises David
In 1936, Englishman Alan M. Turing developed a computer, the so-called Turing machine.
u19 - freestyle computing
Young people display their creative approach to computer technologies in this exhibition of the prizewinning works in the “u19 – freestyle computing” category.
We interrupt your regularly scheduled program
Sauter Daniel, Khan Osman
Each single frame of a TV program is compressed down to the size of one pixel, resulting in flowing patterns of color that get their structure from the content of the images and the rhythm of the editing of the TV program.
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