Dragan Ilic Robo Action Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016

Roboaction(s) A1 K1

Dragan Ilić
In his project, Dragan Ilić executes a ten-minute performance/gestural action with an advanced robot, Kuka K210+DI, which allows his body to rotate at a speed of up to two to three meters per second.

Ars Electronica Opening

The Ars Electronica Opening is full of performances and concerts – the opening event to the Ars Electronica Festival 2016.

Solo Date Performance Festival 2016

Solo Date

This solo performance is set in the near future and explores the interaction between human beings and artificial intelligence.

Deep Space 8K: See what you made me do

See what you made me do is a generative performance for two characters, playing and interacting according to roles and rules of power present in social intercourse. According to archetypes of behavior, our attitudes and actions are determined within a dramaturgical thread and intertwined with an immersive visual and sonic interpretation.

Neighbor Alchemists Exhibition Festival 2016


Naotaka Fujii + GRINDER-MAN + evala
How do we build a social relationship with others? How will technology interfere with the building process? The immersive art performance Neighbor visualizes the subjective process and will predict the future pattern of social bonding.

mygration beget silk fluegge performance Festival 2016


he performance piece MYGRATION—beget involves a corporeal dispute on the topic of migration and identity.

Nightline Festival 2016

POSTCITY Nightline

Among music-loving night owls, Nightline is an annual highlight of the Ars Electronica Festival program.

Deep Space 8K: The Conduit

The Conduit is part performance, part interactive installation that investigates social engagement and the consequences of speculative technological and political frameworks. Participants will negotiate an eight-bit simulation of the future and its effects on our everyday social interactions.