Deep Space 8K: Chant of the Proto-Alchemists

Fri 9 September 2016, 10PM-11PM
Ars Electronica Center
Credit: raum.null, Mussurunga

For that there still are chants beyond humanity that have not been sung, yet.

Alchemists deal with matter and meta-physics; they integrate human understanding of the world, visions, ideas, and their desire to reach ultimate enlightenment in their search for knowledge and creation. Fundamental knowledge must be communicated in a language that conveys all information and is accessible to all those, but also only those, who are adepts. Like the proto-human language, the origin of all linguistic understanding and development, proto-alchemists knew about the one language of those long gone worlds in order to bequeath their secrets. This lost proto-alchemist language was fundamental to cymatic (sound and resonance) transformation of matter. The alchemists of our time seek to find a proto-human language in the coding languages that they apply to transform matter, to program new material forms and to develop worlds that transcend the physical reality known to humans.

After Quadrature (2014) and The Sixth Wave (2015), the third part of the trilogy, Chants of the Proto-Alchemists (2016) reflects on the very sensual, instinctive, and in other words people’s very Dionysian side, which is as important to growth, spiritual development and divinity as the analytic, rationalistic, Apollonian side.

Text: Claudia Schnugg


Credits: Sound: Chris Bruckmayr (AT) & Dobrivoje Milijanovic (RS) aka raum.null; Vocals: Siegmar Aigner (AT) aka Mussurunga; Visuals: Didi Bruckmayr (AT) and Florian Berger (AT); Production: Claudia Schnugg (AT)