OK Night

For the meanwhile legendary OK Night during Ars Electronica, this year the OK Deck will be transformed into a “modular club”.

Ars Electronica Opening

The Ars Electronica Opening is full of performances and concerts – the opening event to the Ars Electronica Festival 2016.

Big Concert Night

The musical highlight of every Ars Electronica Festival is the Big Concert Night. It is an encounter of classical music, electronic sound artistry and computer-generated visualizations. The impressive venue of this year’s extraordinary concert is POSTCITY’s huge Train Hall.

Focus Digital Music and Soundart: Sonic Saturday

The Sonic Saturday schedule includes a diversified lineup of offerings—symposia, panel discussions, a guided tour, Listening Room and Medium Sonorum—dedicated to listening experiences in general and modern multi-channel compositions and computer music in particular.

Girls on Wires

ModularSynthesizer workshop for girls mit with JessicaKert (Schneiders Laden Berlin)

Deep Space 8K: Chant of the Proto-Alchemists

Alchemists deal with matter and meta-physics; they integrate human understanding of the world, visions, ideas, and their desire to reach ultimate enlightenment in their search for knowledge and creation.

Modular Music Days

In recent years modular synthesizer systems have not only been undergoing a revival, but the development of this form of sound generation is also being newly impelled and ranges from classical sound modules all the way to experimental approaches.

Lightstorm Festival Performance 2016

Funkstörung & Lightstorm

Lightstorm—two meters high, three meters in diameter, and spinning at 35 kph—is an oversized, rotating tube with LED strips embedded all around the outside.

Deep Space 8K: Sounds like Universe

Take an audiovisual tour of the cosmos together with students from Soundfactory EXTD (staged jointly by Linz Music School and the Ars Electronica Center) and the piano and flute class taught by Marco Palewicz and Petra Wurz

Nightline Festival 2016

POSTCITY Nightline

Among music-loving night owls, Nightline is an annual highlight of the Ars Electronica Festival program.