Focus Digital Music and Soundart: Music Monday

MON September 12, 2016, 10 AM-7:30 PM
Anton Bruckner University (Shuttleservice available), Ars Electronica Center, Mariendom, POSTCITY
Anton Bruckner Private University
Ars Electronica Center
Credit: Martin Hieslmair

The highlight of the final day of the festival features encounters of both a sensory as well as intellectual nature with electronic and experimental music. Accompanied by musician/musicologist Werner Jauk (AT), festivalgoers will enjoy close-up contacts with creative artists as well as first-hand insights into the music and tonal worlds conjured up at the festival. A brief guided tour of the brand-new studios at Anton Bruckner University offers an impression of the excellent infrastructure available here for purposes of study, research and production.


MON September 12, 2016

10 AM-11:30 AM Volkmar Klien (AT), Tobias Leibetseder (AT), Zanjirani Farahani Hassan (IR)und Michael Mayr (AT) Studieren @ Bruckneruni,
Anton Bruckner University Linz
12 noon-12:30 PM AROTIN & SERGHEI (AT/RU) White Point,
Ars Electronica Center, Deep Space
2 PM-2:30 PM Volkmar Klien (AT), Thomas Grill (AT) Relative Realitäten
Mariendom Linz
3 PM-3:30 PM Martin Schlögl (AT), Rudolf Wakolbinger (AT) Expansion of the Universe,
POSTCITY, Mobiles Ö1 Atelier
3:30 PM-5 PM Navid Navab (CA), Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Slavko Glamočanin (SI),
Robertina Šebjanič (SI), Ida Hiršenfelder (SI), Aleš Hieng – Zergon (SI), Tomonaga Tokuyama ( JP), Thom Kubli (DE) and Werner Jauk (AT) Guided Tour through Basement @ POSTCITY,
POSTCITY, Basement
5 PM-5:30 PM Werner Jauk (AT): Keylecture & Performance,
POSTCITY, Ground Floor (Train Hall)
5:30 PM-6 PM Sam Auinger (AT): Performance, Presentation and Discussion,
POSTCITY, Ground Floor (Train Hall)
6:30 PM-7 PM AGF (DE): Performance, Presentation and Discussion,
POSTCITY, Ground Floor (Train Hall)
7 PM-7:30 PM Navid Navab (CA): Performance, Presentation and Discussion,
POSTCITY, Ground Floor (Train Hall)


Shuttle bus / Music Monday

On MON September 12, 2016, a shuttle bus will take you directly from the main square of Linz or the Ars Electronica Center to Anton Bruckner University and back.

Direction Anton Bruckner University

Main square (Hauptplatz)
Ars Electronica Center
Anton Bruckner University
9:30 AM 9:35 AM 9:45 AM

Direction Ars Electronica Center

Anton Bruckner University
Ars Electronica Center
11:40 AM 11:50 AM