Exhausting a Crowd

Exhausting a Crowd was inspired by Georges Perec’s novel, An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris (Tentative d’epuisement d’un Lieu parisien), and automates the task of completely describing the events of 12 hours in a busy public space like Piccadilly Circus in London or in Amsterdam XX.

Jasia Reichardt

What began as a technological revolution has become our culture and our common reality. Visionary pioneers not only anticipate these changes with their work; they often decisively shape them and, in so doing, establish the foundation of media art as we know it today.


A bot (short for robot) is a computer program that can automatically perform certain repetitive tasks without having to rely on instructions from a human user. The SAZAE bot was just such a program.

Refugee Phrasebook

Refugee Phrasebook is an open collaborative project that provides a collection of useful phrases, icons and links for refugees and their helpers to support them after their arrival in a new place.

P2P Foundation

This digital community, launched in 2005 by Michel Bauwens, is dedicated to advancing the social potential of peer-to-peer technologies.

Impact Hub Vienna

Impact Hub is a unique global ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities that creates a sustainable and inclusive future. The Impact Hub Vienna community is made up of entrepreneurs, social investors, freelancers, advocates, campaigners, creatives, artists, consultants, professionals—addressing local and global challenges.

Die Entscheidung

Die Entscheidung [The Decision] is a computer game for two players who compete against one another at separate computers. Although competing, they have very different assignments to carry out and they don`t receive the same information.

Jennifer Lyn Morone TM Inc

Jennifer Lyn Morone highlights the human right to own personal data by turning herself into a corporation—Jennifer Lyn Morone™ Inc (founded in 2014). Her identity, physical & mental abilities, biological functions and data, are assets only she can exploit and potentially turn into profits.