Digitization is rapidly transforming the world of work—complexity is growing; speed is on the rise; developments are less and less predictable. This shifts the focus onto the question of what makes human beings irreplaceable in comparison to computers, and in what respects people could be superior to intelligent machines.

Sporophyte Collection

Julia Körner
Julia Körner explores biomimicry in 3D-printing fashion garments through her interest in nature and architecture.

Artist Lab Matthew Gardiner

Matthew Gardiner
Matthew Gardiner is an expert in the field of Oribotics, having coined the field, and pioneered the fusion of origami, folding and robotics with his generations of Oribotic artworks.

Ready to Crawl

Hiroshi Sugihara
Machines are usually completed by assembling parts which are manufactured in different ways and from different materials. In additive manufacturing (AM) it is possible to make several parts in an assembled state as one machine.


Michael Kugler, Sebastian Wolf
In the collaborative work Brume fog emerges from and self-organizes on the surface on a sculptural element, congealing with light into an elusive stratum. The installation utilizes a series of ultrasonic transducers that generate thick clouds of dense, yet extremely lightweight water vapor.

Shadowgram +

Shadowgram is a combination of aesthetic entertainment – creating a physical object, a sticker cut out in the shape of your shadow – and participating in social brainstorming.

ORI*LAB Masterclass

We offer insight into our research and development process, and actively pursue it with the method of learning by teaching, by conducting a masterclass in-situ with participants selected by open call.