Practices of Everyday Life | Cooking Culinary concert for chef and enchanted kitchenette

Thu 8 September 2016 10:10PM-11PM
Groundfloor / Trainhall / Mainstage
Credit: Navid Navab

A culinary concert orchestrated around a chef, an enchanted kitchenette and sonified ingredients. As the chef prepares a meal, sections emerge from culinary tasks to form multisensory tableaus. Each tableau is a unique gestural sound composition undertaking phenomenological reconsideration of notions such as instrument, performer, computation, and the musical event as a whole. Interactive instruments carefully embedded into the scenography symbolically charge everyday actions and objects in ways that combine the composer’s design with the performer’s contingent nuance. Within the enchanted kitchenette, gestures mimicking sonic affordances and audiovisual events shaped under gestural contours feed back one into the other, breaking dualities such as analog-digital, performer-performed, instrument-score, or intention-noise. The act of performing music then emerges freely from open engagement with matter, borrowing elements from “play”, day to day living, and the movement arts.

Artistic direction, concept, composition, interactive scenography, sound: Navid Navab
Interactive visual design, real-time video: Jerome Delapierre
Mise en scène: Michael Montanaro
Performance: Tony Chong

Topological Media Lab research collaboration—2012-2013
Matralab residency—2014
Co-production: Navid Navab and Montreal/New Musics Festival (MNM)—2015
Support: Canada Arts Council, Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec