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End of Life Care Machine

End of Life Care Machine is an interactive installation consisting of an empty room, a seating area and a reception desk. Signs, medical bracelets, health information forms and other related medical products are used to transform the space into a hospital-like environment, where people go for their final rite of passage.


The 1:1 project is about the relationship between a human and a robot camera—how they grow to be able to imagine each other in complex ways, seeing each other on a 1:1 scale.


In this open lab’s Gamestation, you can play your own adventure games, and on the RasPi Station, you can try out old Nintendo and Playstation games on a DIY console constructed with Makey Makey.

Please Don’t Die “Entertainment Robot AIBO”

The pet robot AIBO was born at Sony in 1999 as the world’s first home-entertainment robot. About 150,000 robots were built but production and sales ended in 2006 and technical support was also discontinued in 2014. Today former Sony engineers provide unofficial maintenance services for owners who remain firmly attached to their AIBO robots.

Robot, Doing Nothing

Robot, Doing Nothing accuses our modern society of being incessantly busy even beyond the confines of everyday life in the workplace. Emanuel Gollob has created a fictitious scenario: the results of studies demonstrate that the efficiency of our society is enhanced by doing nothing.


Tinkerbots is a unique construction kit that makes it simple for kids of all ages to build and operate countless different robots. The kit consists of active modules and passive components.

Digital Musics & Sound Art – Rekion Voice

In the dystopian or seemingly post-apocalyptic setting of Rekion Voice, we are surrounded by robots that are essentially slaves. They are completely under human control: an infrared camera allows them to react directly to their masters, the audience, and follow them with blind loyalty.


RoboCar is an initiative to spotlight some trendy, cool technology to make young people aware of what is happening now and what future prospects are emerging in the ICT (IT, communication and technology) sector.


Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos has created a robot sex doll that seems to enjoy sex as much as the humans and responds differently according to how she is treated.

Hybrid Art – Glaciator

The Glaciator robot helps glaciers to grow again by compacting and crystallizing the snow into firn (the intermediate state between snow and glacier ice), thus accelerating the ice formation process. This means the glaciers can grow the ice mass again, which they have lost due to climate change.